You’ve finally gotten your brand new pool. The crews are outta the yard, the sod is freshly laid, the water is crystal clear and perfectly balanced. Unfortunately, that won’t last forever. Not without a little work, anyway.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance, 2021 Edition. We’re putting this together as a resource that will be consistently updated to reflect new technologies and techniques in taking care of your pool, equipment and entire outdoor environment.

Pool ownership is like a beautiful gold coin: it has two sides, one of which can kick your tail. When that coin lands heads up, you get to enjoy a crystal clear pool on a sunny day, not a care in the world but what you’re throwing on the grill for lunch. When it lands on tails, the walls and steps are fuzzy and green, the water is cloudy, and it seems like a runaway chemical train has left the station.

But with a little bit of elbow grease and the right information, tackling the pool maintenance monster is easier than you might think.