How long does construction take?

Let's address the elephant in the room. Between COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, freezes, boats stuck in canals and well, the workforce... Construction projects all across the world from residential/commercial building to swimming pools have seen their fair share of delays. Material, Labor & Equipment shortages still impact us to this very day. The difference at Radelli, is we do our best to prevent these delays by having multiple processes and systems set in place to be proactive as possible. We have a detailed procurement schedule that includes ordering all of your equipment as early as excavation. We use up to date technology that makes our entire construction process transparent at the tip of your fingers through an App that you can install on your phone. We have contingency plans set in place to ensure any delays are immediately addressed and we even have an in-house labor team that is solely dedicated to keep the project on schedule. So, to answer the original question our normal pool construction completion runs around 12 weeks from Excavation. Size of the project, material availability and complexity can add time in, and since we are 100% outdoors when we build, we’re at the mercy of the elements, so inclement weather will slow down the process.